Girl Gets Busted Cheating When Her Eagle-Eyed Boyfriend Spots A Suspicious Detail In Her Sext

Do cheaters always get caught? No. But they usually do because they get sloppy. And in a world of smartphones, GPS tracking, and everybody having like 25 different social media accounts, the odds of being sloppy are higher than ever before.

In this woeful tale, our protagonist was almost stupidly sloppy (sorry Jackie.) Jackie went on a business trip to Atlanta. Alone. Or so she told her boyfriend.

When she got to her hotel room, she sent her dude back home a sext to show him just how much she missed him.

All was going according to plan until Jackie's boyfriend spotted an unfamiliar striped suitcase in the corner of her nude.

Jackie, realizing how badly she blew it, tries to distract her dude by sending a nudier nude and an all caps “LOL.”

Jackie then proceeds to give her boyfriend her hotel room number, following it up with “not this again,” which makes you wonder how often she's pulled this same stunt in the past. But rather than asking the hotel concierge to connect him to room 1422, Jackie's boyfriend asked what room she was staying in. When Jackie's name didn't come up, he asked for her boss, Tom.

Jackie's boyfriend was having none of it. And, tbh, sending your boyfriend nudes while you are in a different city cheating on him is an absolutely sociopathic move. Jackie deserves to have all her “sh*t outside in trash bags” when she gets back.

You know what they say: Hell hath no fury like a boyfriend scorned.

Written by Texts From Last Night

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