Girl Savagely Dumps Her Cheating Boyfriend In Birthday Speech In Front Of All Their Friends

When your boyfriend cheats on you, things can go one of two ways. First, you two can fight and argue about what is right and wrong and how painful it is to have someone you love betray you that way. Or, the second, you can get your savage revenge on them in a cold-hearted and ruthless way—in front of all of your friends. One Twitter user, and all around boss woman, decided to go for option two in a video that has now gone viral across the web.

Tiana Perea from Houston, Texas decided to use her 21st birthday party to announce that not only was she thankful for her friends who were there, but that she was also thankful for her boyfriend for showing her she deserves so much better. She then blows up his spot—in front of everyone, in a very public speech—dumping him for cheating on her. She even has her brother grab his stuff from upstairs before she throws him out.

Seriously, this is the most savage way to kick off your adult years. Not only are you calling him out, but you’re calling him out in front of all of your friends—and, the viral World Wide Web. Genius. Brilliant. Sheer ruthless. We could not be prouder of Tiana. And, Twitter agreed.

I agree. 2019 should be the year for all ladies to get rid of their toxic, cheating boyfriends. Maybe not as publicly, but we stan this savage queen.

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