Store Busted For Putting Googly Eyes On Old Fish To Make Them Look Fresher

Authorities in Kuwait have shut down a market. The reason is causing a lot of amusement on the internet: the store was putting plastic googly eyes on fish to make them appear fresher.

It’s unclear if the store was using the plastic eyes only for advertisement purposes, or if people were actually going home with googly-eyed fish.

The story has gone viral in both America and Kuwait, with one company now advertising that they have “Fish without cosmetic surgery”.

Twitter found the ruse to be hilarious, and the puns came fast and furious.

Many people also used to opportunity to share their own googly eye tales.

This story serves as a great reminder to all the people out there shopping for fresh fish. Make sure to shake the head a bit before making your final selection. If you hear a soft rattling noise coming from the eyes, it’s probably best to move on to another store.

This article first appeared on The Daily Dot.