This Guy Accidentally Sent a Dirty Photo of His Girlfriend to His Mom

Image via Giphy
Image via Giphy

We've all made mistakes when it comes to texting. It's pretty inevitable in this age of new technology and social media. We send the wrong thing to the wrong person, or spell shit wrong while messaging an employers. Things go wrong all the time.

But usually when you send a photo to someone that you shouldn't have sent, it was a complete accident. A message meant for your FWB gets sent to your dad and you're all like “Great, I'm getting condoms for Christmas again.”

But what if you sent a photo to someone on purpose, and later realized that the photo was a little more risque than you initially realized? Like, there was a minor detail that you seemed to overlook?

That's what happened to Maison. He sent his mother a photo of his girlfriend that seemed totally innocent, until a Twitter friend pointed out a glaringly obvious detail that Maison missed. Something that he DEF didn't want his mama to see.


So the caption really says it all. Maison found a shirt his mother got him and sent her a photo of his GF holding it. What's so bad about that? Is it weird because she's in a bed? No.. she's not naked. Do you notice what's wrong with this photo?

Written by Alex Cogen

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