21 Guys Share Their Insane Stripper Stories

Strip clubs! Some people go for a wilder night than they’d have at the local dive bar, some go to look at some bangin’ bodies they’d otherwise have zero access to, and some go hoping to fall in love with their future Anna Nicole Smith. Is it safe to say no one goes strictly for the $5.99 steak and lobster lunch specials?

Whatever your reason, the second you walk through those doors its like entering a bizarro world where below average looking men are treated like Brad Pitt. Not to mention the fact that scantily clad, perfectly built women seem like mind readers whose favorite hobbies include contortionism. Unless you’re there for the Tuesday afternoon morning shift, then there’s no saying what types of women you’ll encounter. But hey.. they’ve got moves.

Regardless of who’s working the pole, floor, or lap… you’re nearly guaranteed to have an interesting experience. After all, you get what you pay for. Which in this circumstance, is often a girl’s new set of implants. Worth every penny?

21 Guys Share Their Insane Stripper Stories: