Hailey Baldwin Slams Instagram Trolls Who Judged Her Relationship

Hailey Baldwin, wife of Justin Bieber, has apparently had it with people making negative comments about her relationship. On Instagram, the 22-year-old model posted a series of pictures just containing purple text, in which she explains how Instagram makes her sad (same) and how there’s too much negativity in the world.

Baldwin (whose Instagram name is now haileybieber) posted a total of seven pictures. The first six were in English and the seventh was the whole thing (written smaller) translated into Spanish.

She wrote, “Being off of Instagram is the best thing ever. Whenever I take breaks from it I feel so much better so much happy as a person.. the second I come back on I get immediate anxiety, I get sad and I get worked up.”

“Please don’t get me wrong Instagram is an incredible tool and great way to stay in touch and interact with others. But the negativity screams so loud.”

She continued, “It’s hard to focus on your well being and mental health when each time you open Instagram someone is tearing apart your job, or your relationship or essentially any of the things in your life that are positive.”

“I just don’t believe we’re called to live a life where we’re so easily caught up in strangers opinions on something that they have NOTHING to do with. We need to take a step back and realize we need to express more love and encouragement to one another instead of consistently tearing people down and judging.”

“This world has enough hatred, hurt and pain as it is, the last thing we need is more negativity, hate, and division,” Baldwin concluded.

This could have to do with unwanted attention she receives every time the couple makes out in public, which is not infrequent.

Being young and famous seems to have a lot of perks, but constantly being torn apart on the internet is not one of them.