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  • 23 Annoying Words We Should All Resolve To Stop Using In 2019

    Language is not set in stone; it’s continuously changing and evolving. It’s marvelous how new words come into existence and old words take on new meanings. And we’re all for it! But there are some words that just get used way too much. It’s like overexposure with celerities—someone skyrockets to fame and is seen everywhere, […] More

  • Rachel McAdams Posts Fierce AF Picture Of Herself Wearing Breast Pumps

    Even in this (somewhat) enlightened day and age, moms breastfeeding their babies in public is still controversial. There are people who honestly believe that it’s inappropriate, mostly because it involves exposing the mom’s boobs partially, and as we all know, boobs are not viewed by most as milk machines, they’re viewed as sexual objects. That’s […] More

  • Woman Tweets That Men Don’t Have Furniture And RIP Her Mentions

    In a tweet that’s gone massively viral, 21-year-old Kathryn Hasty included a picture of a nearly bare apartment, with just a chair and a TV, and wrote, “guys really live in apartments like this and don’t see any issue.” guys really live in apartments like this and don’t see any issue — kat hasty […] More

  • 31 Profound Truths About Women That Are Sincerely Hilarious

    Not all women are the same, and it’s best not to stereotype us. HOWEVER, there are certain things about women that do seem to hold true for most women. Like having men explain things to them unprompted. And having guys yell about your ass even when you’re in a knee-length puffy coat. And all the […] More

  • 21 People Who Have No Idea How Women’s Bodies Work

    There is a reason we need sex ed in this country. Well, there are actually many reasons, not least among them the prevention of unwanted pregnancy and awareness of STDs. But we also need it because, clearly, without it, people are beyond confused about how women’s bodies work. Here’s the thing: women’s bodies are very […] More

  • Hailey Baldwin Slams Instagram Trolls Who Judged Her Relationship

    Hailey Baldwin, wife of Justin Bieber, has apparently had it with people making negative comments about her relationship. On Instagram, the 22-year-old model posted a series of pictures just containing purple text, in which she explains how Instagram makes her sad (same) and how there’s too much negativity in the world. Baldwin (whose Instagram name is […] More

  • 21 Things Millennials Got Blamed For Killing In 2018

    Every year, millennials get blamed for the demise of certain industries. The people doing the blaming act like millennials have tons of money, they’re just choosing not to spend it on stuff like houses because they’re too interested in buying fancy coffee and organic avocado toast. That’s a fallacy, though, because the main reason millennials […] More

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