Twitter Is Dragging This Dude For Proposing During His Girlfriend’s First Marathon

The worst thing that could happen to a person in the middle of running their first marathon would be some sort of giant interruption. But what if that interruption came in the form of a romantic gesture?

This is essentially what happened to Kaitlyn Curran over the weekend after her now-fiance Dennis Galvin bounded over the barrier enclosing mile 16 of the New York City Marathon, got down on one knee, and popped the big question.

The video—obtained by CBS Evening News—was shared on Twitter and quickly began to go viral. Not because Dennis’ proposal was so charming and romantic, but because people are upset the man ruined his girlfriend’s marathon time. Couldn’t he have waited until the finish line?

In the video, Kaitlyn accepts the ring and is like, “ok I gotta finish the race now,” before taking off. This is probably not the first thing a newly engaged man wants to see or hear, but what did he expect? He brought this upon himself.

In fact, many thought that the proposal concocted by ‘Marathon Guy’ was nothing more than an egomaniacal ploy to make his girlfriend’s first marathon all about his own ding dong self.

Twitter had some suggestions on what Dennis could’ve done better, besides the obvious choice (waiting until the end of the race, for those still oblivious).

For example, he could’ve grabbed her sweatshirt which “she clearly didn’t want or need,” as one user pointed out.

He also could’ve waited until the next day.

…Or, you know. He could’ve waited. Until. The. End. Of. The. Race.

To be fair, maybe Kaitlyn enjoys having a day she trained months for completely thrown off balance. Probably this was just an accident and is the first time Marathon Guy has ever made her dreams and accomplishments all about himself. Right? RIGHT?? (Keep running, Kaitlyn.)