This Mom Sent A Text To A Bully’s Mom And It’s Literally The Funniest Thing I Read All Week

A text exchange shared by Iowa college student Lydia Breunig is going viral, and for good reason: it's one of the funniest things I've read all week, and I know funny, people! I basically live on (in? Under? Atop?) the Internet!

Breunig got very threatening text message several days ago from a woman we only know as Lily's mom.

“Hi Heather, this is Lily's mom I just wanted to say if your daughter ever does that again, some crap is going to go down at the parent group meeting. Thank you and have a good day!!!”

Lydia didn't respond, for an undetermined amount of time, which prompted Lily's mom to write, “not gunna reply huh?” followed by “i know this is you heather.”

Obviously, Lydia was not Heather. But she still got down to the bottom of Lily's mom's beef, and, it is truly incredible and I love it.


The tweet quickly blew up, with many people emphasizing Lily's mom's greatest hits, writing “me as a mom,” and blasting Lydia for having her phone at 1%.

Good luck, Heather.

Written by Texts From Last Night

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