Horrible DIY Selfie Sticks are a Real Thing

Image via Giphy
Image via Giphy

Ahh, selfie sticks. They are just so obnoxious, and yet, I have to admit, you get some stellar pictures off of those bad boys. You have to choose whether to look ridiculous and have good pictures, or look normal but have shitty pictures. Conundrum!

But they are closer to be fully ingrained in our culture to the point that they’re no longer surprising. But you know what is surprising? DIY selfie sticks. You see, some people don’t want to shell out dough to get the kind that Derek and co are using up above. Some people are forced to create their own selfie sticks.

And the results? Pure hilarity. People will use anything and everything to make their selfie dreams come true, and the results are ridiculously funny for us bystanders. From shovels to sticks to umbrellas, people do whatever they can to get that perfect shot.

These DIY selfie sticks are actually real:





Written by Alex Cogen

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