26 Gifts For The Most Wildly Inappropriate Person On Your List

We all have that one friend who can’t get through a single conversation without saying something dirty. Anything and everything that can be made inappropriate will be made inappropriate. While we can easily scoff at them and write it off as immaturity, we know deep down that our lives would be extremely boring without the constant sexual innuendos.

This holiday season, get that dirty-minded friend a gift they really want like one of these unbelievably crude products. Tbh, you might end up keeping some of them for yourself.

Happy Holidays! If you choose to get some of your shopping done with our recommendations just know we may earn a small affiliate commission off each purchase. Thanks!

1. This 2019 calendar filled with nothing but pooping pooches.

New month, new poop.

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2. Some rather nutty rear bike lights.

Hopefully the only blue balls they’ll have.

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3. This bottle opener that’s just a little too excited to see you.

Always ready to party.

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4. This book of images no one should ever masturbate to.

Never ever.

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5. Celebrate their favorite word with this tasty coffee mug.

Seriously though, can we please come up with another word to describe cake?

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6. This booby paperweight that’s as functional as it is hilarious.

Only for your breast friend.

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7. A reindeer mankini that’ll seriously alter anyone’s feelings about Rudolph.

Orino Mankini Thong Christmas Reindeer Patterns Men Novelty Underwear for Gag & Pranks Gifts (Tan), One Size

Gives red nose a whole new meaning.

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8. Just a pair of brass balls because everyone needs them.

Alas! The bronze testicles.

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9. This cookbook that’ll teach you all of the new ways to eat cock.

Who knew there were so many?

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10. A naughty card game that every holiday party needs.

Especially if The Office is on.

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