Inappropriate Questions Women Have Always Wanted To Ask Men

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Not if it’s already established that you’re going to suck my dick. Man I’ll wash your fucking car if thats what it took, washing my dick is nothing. Plus I’d much rather have an enthusiastic blowjob than a “oh god this kinda smells but I don’t want to be rude but ugh he better finish soon” blowjob, so you know, if you want it cleaned or trimmed or you want me to cut out a felt cape for it and draw an S on the underside of it just let me know, whatever it takes to make you more in to it.


Partner? Yes. Some actress? Yes. Porn? Yes. Nothing at all I’m just horny? Yes. Scratching the balls and then one thing leads to another? Yes.


He’s physically incapable of getting or keeping an erection even when he wants one. Alcohol is a vasodilator so it literally prevents an erection.


It varies tremendously even with the same girl. One time I could barely stop because it tasted so good. Other times, not so much.


Okay, once you get past the individuality, there are some things that seem to be the same across the board. The first thing is the heat. Imagine pouring water that’s about the temperature of a really hot shower or bath across your clitoris, and only the clitoris. That first shock of how hot it is. That’s about where the temperature of the vagina is once you’re inside it. Yeah, you could feel the same temperature with your finger, but it isn’t the same as with a penis. The cock is much more sensitive. Next is the wetness (assuming you’ve done s good job during foreplay, and no issues interfering). It’s slick for sure, but there’s this slight drag to it. I think of it like being between honey and syrup. So, if you take a super thick syrup, warm it up to the high 90 s Fahrenheit, then put it on your clit, and rub it in a little (messy and not ideal, but it’s the closest I can think of) you’d be right about the sensation of the heat and slipperiness. For a little while anyway. Inside the vagina, it gets warmer, and wetter as you thrust (usually). Now, the texture. Frankly, it’s not that different texture wise than what you can feel with a finger. But the penis is more sensitive, so you feel the friction more. The closest I can compare it is like running just your fingertips over very fine silk. I can’t think of any way to roughly duplicate the feeling though. But the thing that really makes it unique compared to any other form of sex is the pressure. Once you slide inside, it surrounds you. When you thrust in, there’s a slight resistance from the way the vagina seals around you. And when you’re pulling out there’s this slight suction. But most important is the way it squeezes. Even if the last isn’t actively squeezing, it’s like this hot, wet, tight sleeve just pulsing around you. The closest thing I can think of would be if your partner worked on your clit with just their lips and suction, sort of like giving it a mini bj. It’s fucking incredible. And if the lady is adding in contractions, omfg! There’s really no way to describe how amazing that part is. But if you insert your finger into your rather tightly formed fist and move it in and out while squeezing, you’ll get the basic idea. And when the lady has her orgasm. Gods, it’s insane. Because that squeezing intensifies, but it becomes more like a pulsing thing, usually from the entrance upwards, like this starving mouth that wants to suckle you until every drop is gone. It’s! The! Best! Thing! Ever!


I just put on the 1/8 inch adapter for the electric razor and hit it all once a month or so. Any stragglers I can get with scissors. I’d personally never shave it bare with cream and a razor. It’s too uncomfortable growing back.


Usually just the shaft. No reason to get everything out. In particularly, zippers are not friendly to balls at all, so never the twain shall meet.


A lot of it is geometry. One of my ex’s was 5’8″ the other was 5’0″. The sex positions were very different, the first we could do it standing the second we couldn’t. The only consistent thing is I don’t want my dick to have to bend at a weird angle and I need movement against the head. Grinding back and forth may feel great for the woman but for me it doesn’t do much. My personal favorite is girl on top just because I love the view and I get to lay down.


Oh yes. Just as varied as penises. There are large vaginas and small vaginas. Really wet ones and drier ones. Oh the places you’ll go and the things you’ll see.


For me, it’s not very often, purely because my judge of other guys attractiveness levels is awful. I can tell if a guy is super ugly or super attractive, like my 1-2s and my 9-10s, but all the in between, it’s like I’m completely blind.


Doesn’t hurt mine. Sit with crossed legs often. Suppose you can unconsciously learn to shift the balls below one of the legs. Sitting with knees straight and in contact is far more uncomfortable over time. Note, pressure on dick doesn’t really hurt, it’s the balls.


The angle feels good, excellent scenery and being able to grab a girl by the waist. Plus hangy boobs are incredible feeling. It’s also a go to position that allows us to thrust at whatever pace we want while not being in a super awkward position. Plus grabbing the girls hips and you can get a few good different angles from the same position. And you can make silly faces without her knowing.


It can feel ok in the heat of the moment, can be real sexy while getting head or being jerked off but it is so easy to hurt them that it makes me super uncomfortable. One mis step, one nail anything can fuck it all up. And every time a girl has done something like that and it’s hurt it’s always “but I barely touched it!”


Lots of tongue. Not afraid to be sloppy. Concentrating on sensation, not appearance.


My wife asked me how it is I can orgasm on command and I had to explain to her it isn’t that I can orgasm on command, it’s that I spend the whole time trying not to.


1. Compliment. 2. Stare. 3. Save for later. 4. Use.


We’re worried about sounding stupid or saying something dumb during a time when we’re not exactly in full control of our minds. “Better to be silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.”


I consider it the difference between polite applause and a standing ovation.


To impress a chick, do the helicopter dick.


This is gonna be a “depends on the guy” thing. Some aren’t sensitive. Some are sensitive, but not in a good way. Some are into it.


No. Doesn’t feel the same. Cum sort of feels like it’s being pushed out, and with pee you just let go and it flows out. Also, the viscosity is completely different.


Ask him straight up. He may not be into it, but you’ll never know. Next time things are heating up nibble his earlobe and tell him that you want him to lick your pussy. If he’s remotely interested he’ll be down there lickety-split.


Yes, there is a weird psychological component to getting and maintaining an erection. If your nervous about your ability to perform, you can get psyched out about, making yourself unable to perform. I’d like to mention it has little to nothing to do with how attractive the woman involved is, or how she is acting during foreplay, it’s completely in the guys head.


The only thing that can throw me off is strong bad smell.


There is a cavity that either by injury or temperature they can roll into, but its not common for them to completely enter more so just hug the body. And it would probably feel weird but not painful.

Written by Laura McNairy

Laura is a freelance writer for TFLN. She likes to write about what she knows best — dating, sex, and being awkward, but usually in the opposite order. She is the Assistant Editor and videographer for Peach Fuzz, a sex-positive nudie magazine in ATX.