Just 25 Super Savage Insults That Don’t Use Curse Words

Most of us use curse words so often in our everyday conversations that we hardly even think of them as ‘bad words’ anymore. It isn’t until we’re home for the holidays around either our parents or little ones that the censors come on.

Fortunately, our jabs at siblings don’t have to suffer just because the curse words are out. Thanks to AskReddit, we have a myriad of savage insults to choose from that are just as effective without our favorite asterisked phrases.

1. You have a face for radio.


2. Your grades say ‘Marry rich’ but your looks say ‘Try harder’.


3. You’re the reason your parents aren’t happy.


4. If you were any dumber we’d have to water you twice a week.


5. Your mom told you that you could become anything. Yet you still chose to become a disappointment.


6. Even Bob Ross would call you a mistake.


7. You’re the defender of your own virginity.


8. I could give you a penny for your thoughts and would get change back.


9. I wish we were better strangers.


10. I could have been your dad but the guy behind me had exact change.


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