Kimmel Asked Random People To Name ANY Country On A Map. No Wonder Trump Won.

Last Thursday, Jimmy Kimmel used Donald Trump’s trip to Europe as an opportunity to point out just how ignorant Americans are about world geography.

The premise of this particular “Jimmy Kimmel Live” segment was simple; the host sent his team out to the streets of L.A. to see whether passers-by could point out a country ― any country ― ANY COUNTRY AT ALL ― correctly on a map.

(Kimmel pulled a similar “experiment” a couple of months ago, when he challenged random people on the streets of L.A. to name a book. Any book. Any book at all.)

The results were disheartening, to say the least. One man identified “the country of Asia” as he pointed to Russia.

Another passerby had difficulty identifying Europe…

And South Africa…

And even the United States!

Some were disappointingly proud of their ignorance…

While others marveled at their own lack of geographical knowledge. “Shouldn’t I be taught this in school?” asks a woman at one point.

Redeeming the influx of the willfully ignorant is a bright little kid who swoops in and rattles off country names and locations correctly. He even knew where Papua New Guinea is. Papua New Guinea!

Reactions to the clip were varied, but only slightly. Disappointment and shame abounded, as did confusion, bewilderment, and rage.

Funny or straight terrifying? You decide.

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