This Kid’s Hilarious Prank At The AT&T Store Has Made Him Loved By The Whole Internet

Ah, the Youths. They make my old cranky heart feel hope for the future again. No matter how bad the world gets, kids find ways to make things feel ridiculous and fun again. They're discovering the things we all take for granted, like pranking your friend from a public place and leaving their sensitive personal information accessible to the public.

Twitter user @demii_7 shared screenshots of a conversation between one budding prankster and their unfortunate friend. They found this conversation on a display phone at an AT&T store. It's hard to say how old the person on the other end of this convo is, but I'm imagining an older sibling in high school. It starts off with them wondering why they're getting texts via email:


Then a very reasonable request for the kid to delete their number from a phone anyone who wanders into the AT&T store can access. But kids aren't reasonable. They're here to express love via insults:


After that, the need for words was over. Here come the selfies:


The person on the receiving end gets fed up and demands the end of all these texts.

“DELETE MY NUMBER,” they rage, but to no avail. The conversation is retained in the display phone for the next person to find it:


This kid has quickly become the Internet's hero. It kinda feels like he's goofing off with us. Plus, he's so delightfully rude:

He is also a certified cutie pie:

And extremely meme-able:

I really hope we never find out who this kid is. Let him wander the city, dropping into random phone stores to mess with his friends forever. We should all be lucky enough to have someone who loves us enough to make us change our phone number. This is the kind of content the Internet deserves.