25 Hilarious Kids Who Are Cooler And Funnier Than You’ll Ever Be

What is it about people that we become way less creative, imaginative, and funny as we grow older? Is it the crushing weight of the world and all of its travesties? Is it the burden of responsibility after never-ending responsibility, or a school and social system designed to squish the fun and cool out of us?

Whatever the case, there's an undeniable magic all kids have that very few adults retain. It's a combination of hilarity and ingenuity and creativity. It's this:

25. The kid who asks the question nobody else dares to ask:

24. The kid who knows how to have a good time:

23. The kid who figured out how Netflix works:

22. The kid who it just being honest, after all:

21. The kid who grew up too soon:

20. The kid who knows his mom's habits too well:

19. The kid who roasted his dad's job:

18. The kid who is on her own wavelength:

17. The kid who has her priorities straight:

16. The kid who watched a scary movie at a very young age:

15. The kid who is an actual genius:

14. The kid who proved just how tough girls could be:

13. The kid who took “passive aggressive” to new heights:

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