Sip On This Delicious Tea: Kim Kardashian Labeled ‘Homophobic’ For Her Clap Back To Tyson Beckford’s ‘Botched’ Comment

Kim Kardashian West is predictably catching heat for what critics are calling a “homophobic” clap back to actor/model Tyson Beckford's decidedly catty comment on an Instagram photo  of the beauty mogul.

Beckford commented on great ass owner @amirahdyme’s post of KKW with a choice set of words he must've known would incite a reply. In the picture, Kim dons an all-black ensemble consisting of a pair of high-waisted velvet-textured leggings and what appears to be a one-shoulder bra attached to a dangerously long piece of extra fabric.

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Beckford commented on the post: “Sorry I don’t care for it.” Then, as though to clarify his stance, he added: “She is not real, doctor f—-d up on her right hip,” accompanied by a green vomiting emoji.

To be fair, Beckford has a point. Kim's right hip strangely bows out in a way her left hip does not. The symmetry is nonexistent. But on the other hand, why court petty controversy on Instagram? Who even cares what Tyson Beckford thinks of Kim K's body?

All hell broke loose when “The Shade Room” Instagram reposted the photo of Kim, Beckford's comments included. The second-eldest Kardashian saw the shade and clapped back by replying, “Sis we all know why you don’t care for it,” followed by the tea, frog and painting nails emoji in succession.

Kim's message was clear: Beckford doesn't care for her body — f*cked up right hip notwithstanding — because he is gay. Which, true or not, is presumptuous to say the least.

The level of petty from both sides here is outrageous. Calling out a celebrity's botched plastic surgery on Instagram is petty. Clapping back by attempting to out someone on Instagram is petty. This is a bad look for both Kardashian West and Beckford.

Kim made herself easier to hate with her homophobic retort, and Twitter, every the morality enforcer, weighed in.

Meanwhile, Beckford doubled down on his opinions on the female form in his Instagram story:

He followed the above with this uncontroversial stance:

Now there's something we can certainly all agree on.

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