Kit Harington’s Fiance Nearly Left Him After This Prank

Image via Hollywood
Image via Hollywood

Only recently did the news drop that Kit Harington and Rose Leslie were engaged, and the internet and Game of Thrones’ fans still haven’t fully recovered. Now, the internet is at it again, giving us more Kit and Rose info than we ever thought we could possibly need (yet, duh we needed it, we want it all).

Kit made an appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show and brought along some information regarding this past April Fools day. Apparently, Kit played a pretty harsh prank of the unsuspecting Rose, and she was hell shook. So shaken, in fact, that she was all like DO THAT AGAIN, AND I’LL BE LIKE BOY BYE.

So obviously, this had us concerned. Want to know exactly what went down? Want to not only see the prank he pulled, but see her hilarious reaction to it? OF COURSE YOU DO. So get ready for the ride of your life, and let’s hope, for the sake of their relationship, he never EVER pranks her again.

Keep looking to find out the prank that could have cost us this relationship:

Apparently, Kit played a prank on Rose that was pretty horrible.

Horrible enough for this:


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