Kylie Jenner Just Single-Handedly Proved She’s The Smartest Business Woman In The Game

Kylie Jenner got a lot of heat this year when Forbes named her the world’s youngest billionaire. The youngest sibling of the Kardashian/Jenner family has paved the way in the cosmetics world with her personal lip kits, and then her entire Kylie Cosmetics brand. The new mother has made a killing off of her makeup company–and, it’s all because of marketing.
Kylie and her team have gotten pretty smart about their technique. Every time she’s about to launch a new product, she has numerous social media marketing campaigns counting down the hours until it’s live on site. She sells out most of her products within minutes of launching them due to all of the traction and social media talk surrounding them. Brilliant.

Recently, Kylie revealed that she would be going on tour with Travis Scott, her boyfriend and father to her daughter, Stormi. Many fans were excited to hear she would be at the shows alongside her boo, but, got even more excited when they saw her on her Snapchat account–she’s launching special ASTROWORLD Tour lipglosses that you can only pick up at one of the shows. Genius.

Not only does Kylie benefit from this idea by making lip kit revenue, but Travis Scott also makes more money off of ticket sales. Let’s be real–a lot of Kylie fans will go to the show to grab themselves a limited lip kit and see Kylie and Stormi (maybe). You know how riders go, they’re down for whatever if it involves their fave.

And, fans are appreciating the marketing genius behind this idea–stating that securing the bag is why she’s a billionaire in the first place.

Hate on the Kardashians all you want, Kylie Jenner plays no games when it comes to getting that paper. And, that, you have to respect.