This Dad Livestreamed Giving Himself A Tattoo On Facebook And Now The Internet Is Thirsty As The Sahara For #InkDad

A California man named Outhay has gifted us—via his 21-year-old son Dihnai—a completely new take on the moniker “zaddy.”

When Dihnai noticed his father was streaming a Facebook Live broadcast to his buddies last Sunday, he decided to take a peek at what his pops was up to. After clicking on the stream, Dihnai realized Outhay was casually tattooing his right arm.

“He just likes to post on his Facebook about what he’s doing,” Dihnai said to BuzzFeed News, adding how his dad “sometimes he goes on Live when he’s fishing and stuff.” As Outhay didn’t have a whole lot of Facebook friends, the broadcast would only be seen by a few friends and family members.

And that’s exactly what would’ve happened, had Dihnai not tweeted about his dad’s tattoo exploits and sent his old man viral. “My dad really the coolest mf ever lmao I went on Facebook and he had a live story of him tattooing himself,” he wrote on Twitter.

Dihnai’s tweet quickly went viral—specifically among proudly thirsty ladies and gents who nicknamed Outhay #InkDad and proceeded to pester Dihnai about becoming his new stepmom or -dad.

Like, forreal. The dehydrated comments rolled in, nonstop.


Some even compared Outhay to their own supercool dads.

One account pointed out that Outhay had already made it to Instagram, where people were also losing it:

Unfortunately for InkDad fans, Dihnai’s parents are still together.

Truly, too bad. We stan an Ink Zaddy for eternity.

h/t BuzzFeed News

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