The 12 Biggest Mistakes You’ll Make The First Time You Live Alone


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Living with lots of people may have been fun in college, but as you get older… well, it gets old too.

Because sure, you could get a dream roommate who takes out the trash, deals with the landlord, bakes you cupcakes, and never complains that your boyfriend (or girlfriend) is there way too much.

But you’re just as likely – no, way more likely –  to end up with a TV-hogging, beer-stealing, sloppy nightmare of a person. They could have a drug problem, multiple personalities, or a revolving door of sexual partners who – on occasion – mistakenly mop up their post-coital mess with the towel you wash your face with.  

And that’s far from the worst that could happen.

So when you finally get your own place, it’s a big fucking deal. Pure bliss doesn’t begin to describe it. You’re officially independent, and that means no one can tell you what to do anymore.

…That means you’re the boss now. And unfortunately, you’ll have to start acting like it.

Here are 12 mistakes way too many first-time renters make – best of luck to you in avoiding them. 

Ignore these at your own peril – because when your home looks like a warzone and you’ve been wearing the same underwear for three days straight, it’ll be way too late.

Mistake #1: Not making nice with your neighbors

Image via QuickMeme
Image via QuickMeme

Neighbors have the uncanny ability to get under your skin like no one else. They’re snoopy, awkward to talk to, and sometimes set off fireworks on the 7th of July because they’re still using a day planner from 2011 (true story).

That said, murdering them is a no-no, and if you don’t want to be seriously tempted to do it anyway, it’s important to establish respectful relationships with them. One day you’ll need a dog sitter, a cup of sugar, or a free pass for acting belligerent at 4am, and the house next door is way more convenient than the grocery store/talking to the cops.

Written by Mary McCaw

Mary is a freelance writer and editor. She's based in San Francisco, but lately, home is wherever her suitcase is. If you really are what you eat, she is at least 50% pizza.