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Man Helps Gorilla Find His Next Tinder Date

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Dating is hard enough as it is today, even with the supposed help of dating applications like Tinder, Bumble, and How does one even find a date the old fashioned way? Answer: they don’t. I mean, who really finds someone to date that way anymore?

Finding someone to date the old fashioned way is basically unheard of nowadays. You just have to pick or choose between the many dating apps or hope that someone starts talking to you at a bar (maybe even a coffee shop but we know the chances are slim in any public space).

Does finding a partner get any easier for other species? Probably, right? They must look around and find a partner in their back or close to the vicinity. Lobsters and penguins mate for life (just imagine two cute lobsters trying to hold claws or two penguins waddling together, I guarantee that put a smile on your face) and otters hold hands while sleeping so they don’t lose their partner while dreamily floating around. It’s got to be easier to find a partner in the animal kingdom, right? Wrong. They have it just as hard and need all the help they can get it.

Guy helps gorilla find next Tinder date:


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You download your dating app of choice, make your profile (which is gonna blow everyone out of the water, duh), and start swiping.. Only to find that it’s slim pickings and probably just as bad as when you’re trying to meet people in real life. What the f*ck, really? Yep, that’s the reality of the modern dating game.

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So, you then pass off your phone to friends that are willing to help you find a date. Does this sound like a good idea? Probably not.. Mainly because the people that are want to swipe through your potential new bae are the friends that are in long-term relationships (you know the type, the ones that found the love of their life before dating apps became big) or the friends that aren’t going to take it seriously and just want to f*ck around on a dating app (are those people even really friends, though?)

Then you’re stuck. Either you do it yourself or you find someone to help you out, unless they’re worse at the dating app game than you are. You’re screwed at this point. Now imagine not having the help of dating apps or websites. Imagine having to do it all on your own and having to rely solely on your good looks and charm. That’s how it is in the animal kingdom and some times, they even have to fight another f*cker to win over a potential lover. Okay, we do that as humans too but imagine having to fight Mufasa or something, that’s scary AF.

Written by Irvi Torremoro

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