A Guy Started Trolling His ‘Friend’ For Saying Stupid Stuff On Facebook, But Who Is Really The Jerk Here?

Imgur user BeefGir posted a series of Facebook posts in which a man named Robert mercilessly trolls his “friend” Brendan for saying stupid stuff. The gallery on Imgur is titled, “When you become a smart trolls personal enemy,” which makes it seem like Robert and BeefGir are definitely the same person. Because Robert sure thinks he’s smart! It’s hard to know who to root for in this feud, especially since Brendan’s grasp of basic mathematics doesn’t make him seem like a worthy foe for such a determined troll. We could just hope the whole thing is fake?

1. Shots fired.

2. Things get scientific.

3. Then political.

4. Brendan’s numbering system is introduced.

5. And Robert will not let it go.

6. Will. Not.

7. Brendan hates Monty Python!