Everybody Go Home, Mariah Carey Just Officially Won The Bottle Cap Challenge

Just call her Screaming Mimi. Mariah Carey's extraordinary voice just made her the undisputed Bottle Cap Challenge winner.

The singer, who has a mind-boggling vocal range (she can reach a low F#2 and hit a G#7—a note that only some dogs can hear), took to social media to show off just what her pipes can do: actually fling the cap off a bottle of white wine.

In the video, Carey approaches the bottle posing like a ninja and looking like a diva. Then, she unleashes that powerful shriek and the bottle top shakes a bit before flying off.

“So this caused the earthquake huh?” one Twitter user joked about Carey's sonic sound.

But is her victory too fabulous to be true? Carey's stunt has a lot of people asking how such a thing is possible—and is it for real?

Sound is produced when something vibrates. The larger the sound, the larger the vibration—theoretically large enough to cause other nearby air particles to vibrate. When Mariah hit her note, the vibrations traveling from her voice to the bottle cap were large enough to make the cap fly off.

Or, someone outside of the video frame could have pulled the bottle cap off with a string at the right time or put their editing skills to use.

The Bottle Cap Challenge was most likely started on June 25 by Taekwondo instructor Farabi Davletchin. On his Instagram, Davletchin posted a video of himself doing a roundhouse kick and unscrewing a cap on a bottle of water.

Celebrities such as John Mayer, Jason Statham, and Marlon Wayans have all since participated in the challenge, but Mariah definitely made the biggest impression—without even breaking a sweat.