17 Men Explain What Happened After Their Fiancées’ Parents Refused To Give Their Blessing

9. And this one got a “no” from a man who meant well:

He didn’t say “no,” but he told me “look, it’s great with me, but it’s not going to happen. She’s never getting married.”

Just passed 4 years, but it did take me a couple of years to get her to say yes.

8. This man sounds like he’s got some delightful in-laws:

My in-laws told me yes but sarcastically. I Just acted like i thought they where serious.

7. This man sounds like he dodged a bullet, honestly:

I was dating my girlfriend for 5 years before I went to her parents to ask what they would think of me proposing to their daughter. After they told me no, I let them know that I would take their opinions into consideration. I then told them that I was coming to them to make them aware of my intentions to propose, rather than truly asking for permission.

They didn’t like that very much. By the time I finally proposed to my girlfriend, they had taken it upon themselves to tell her all of the reasons why an engagement to me would be a bad idea, and why she should stay single. She said yes to my proposal, but was so conflicted that she changed her mind about half an hour afterwards. She broke it off with me just a few months later.

6. And this guy just smacked down his future in-laws:

I asked for their blessing and they said no. I let them know it was just a courtesy and that it wasn’t actually going to change anything.

5. This fellow’s in-laws just didn’t know when to stop saying “no”:

Well, they were upset and disapproving because I had already gotten her pregnant. They said she needed to leave me and have an abortion. When it became too late for that they said she needed to leave me and give the baby up for adoption.

After the baby was born they said she needed to leave me and move back in with them and let them help her raise it. The baby was seven months old when the wedding happened.

Then they made one more effort by recruiting her sister to help convince my wife to divorce me and take the child (back to their home, of course).

Almost a decade later and now there are four kiddos and my wife’s parents complain that we don’t come see them enough and they can’t figure out why we seem to like spending time with my parents more than them.

4. And this guy’s story is sweet, but heart-wrenching:

My wife grew up with a single mom. I asked her permission. She sighed and told me, “she won’t make you a good housewife. She hates cleaning, she cooks okay, but I spent my life telling her that school is number one and never got her to lose weight, act like a woman, or anything feminine. If you want my blessing, you better accept she will never cook or clean for you.”

I replied I was marrying a human being, not a slave. She went,”okay then. You’re a good man, a brave man, but the best boyfriend my daughter ever dated, so …”

We were married 25 years before my wife died from sarcoidosis. Mom was right, she was a terrible housekeeper, but an amazing partner. I miss her every day.

3. u/Blurryblanket has some persistent relatives:

My great-grandfather announced his intention to marry my great-grandmother to her parents as he walked through the front door, the first time he met them.

His future father in law laughed and literally kicked him out the open front door.

My Great Grandfather just kept coming back to their house and pretty much harassed them until his future father in law got too annoyed and just gave up.

2. While u/Tomador’s future father-in-law didn’t say no, but he did blow the surprise:

My partner’s father didn’t say no. He immediately called her and asked, “What should I say?”

Completely ruined the surprise. Dick.

1. And georgemarvin2012 didn’t give a f**k when he didn’t get the blessing:

Rode to the courthouse. Got married. We had already been living together for 4 years, so we figured it was really none of her business anyway.

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