Mother Nature Tested These 23 People

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Mother Nature recently tested the good folks in Southeast Texas with Hurricane Harvey. He came in with full force to remind us that it truly is hurricane season and this is is just the beginning. As Texas tried to rebuild, the rest of the country is preparing and gearing up for the rest of hurricane season.

Over the years, Mother Nature has really tested the human resistance its impact. Hurricanes, tornadoes, major snowstorms, and everything in between have wreaked havoc over the years.We’ve witnessed some insane weather conditions from Hurricane Katrina to Hurricane Harvey to all the earthquakes in California, here in the States. Yet, the summer flooding in Bangladesh and India shouldn’t go unnoticed, either.

The closest that I got to a weather disaster was hurricane season when I used to live in South Texas, particularly the Rio Grande Valley. We had to evacuate for a night or two and slept at the hospital that my mom worked at. I was too young to remember most of it but I just know I was pretty content with the fact that school was cancelled. For those that experienced far worse, kudos to you.

These 23 people experienced insane weather disasters:


Driving down the street when my friend screamed a tornado was coming down the street behind us. We were only about 3 blocks from his house so I floored it to his house, slid in the driveway then ran across the yard. The wind was so strong I could feel it pulling me up a bit.


Prior to me moving to South Carolina, the Ice Storm (1998) of Northern New York was the worst, 40 days without power. I lived in the middle of no where, and had to walk the cows half a mile to get water.


I’d honestly say the ice storm I remember from when I was like 16. I remember it turning the streets into skating rinks and the power being out for 12 days.


Wisconsin January ’82: Every weekend was a huge snowstorm, rest of the week -10 to -20F, this went on for the entire month. My wife and I were renting an old farmhouse at the time, the last storm put 7 feet of snow in our driveway, the landlord hired a front-end loader to dig us out.

Written by Irvi Torremoro

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