This News Anchor Screwed Up Someone’s Name So Badly People Are Gasping

Louisville Metro Police Officer Deidre Mengedoht was killed just before Christmas while she was conducting a routine traffic stop on Interstate 64. The 32-year-old had just pulled over a pickup truck when an intoxicated semitruck pummeled into her vehicle, causing it to instantly catch fire and kill the officer inside. The truck driver was later charged with murder and operating a vehicle under the influence.

Several days later on a Dec. 29 broadcast, WPSD’s Brianna Clark was reporting on Mengedoht's funeral and read the officer's name as “Dee Dee Megadoodoo.” To be fair, the slowed pace of Clark's speech suggests that there might have been an issue with the teleprompter script. Or, she just didn't know how to pronounce ‘Mengedoht,' and went with the first series of letters that made sense to her.

Which in this case made for a comical flub, despite the tragic subject matter.

Naturally, Twitter went wild with glee at the newscaster's mistake.

The original video was posted to Reddit, where people were quick to point out that, in Clark's defense, the officer's nickname was DeeDee, and also in Clark's defense, she may have been set up/pranked by other news station employees.

Adding irony to tragedy, the semitruck that killed Mengedoht was a sewage truck.

(And before everyone gets upset, nobody here is laughing at the subject matter or the circumstances under which a young officer and mother's life was taken. Instead, we're laughing to keep from crying, and because the situation itself is ridiculous, and because a newscaster turned a somber moment into a funny one by butchering the pronunciation of the cop's name in the worst possible way. We're laughing at Clark's genuine mistake—not DeeDee Mengedoht's passing.)

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