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Nicki Minaj And Safaree Are Beefing And No One Is Holding Back

Nicki Minaj and Safaree have been broken up for almost half a decade, but they still can’t seem to leave each other alone. At least on social media they can’t. Never have two people no longer in love been so obsessed with each other. Minaj even had a whole other drama-prone boyfriend she split with since, Meek Mill. And Safaree has been keeping busy, with the whole d*ck pic leak thing. Probably some other stuff.

On Tuesday, Safaree came swinging out with some pretty serious accusations against Minaj, saying that she has a strange interest in everything he does still. He claims to bare her no ill-will, and argues against the implication that he paid sex workers with Minaj’s money.

Okay, that’s a lot already, but then he says she literally cut him with a knife and he had to be hospitalized.


You might remember that in her 2014 song “Bed of Lies,” from the album The Pinkprint, one of the verses had Minaj confess, “I could tell you lying, get the fuck out, don’t yell at me/I ain’t mean to cut you, I ain’t wanna catch a felony.”

Could she be referring to this act of domestic abuse? Minaj didn’t address that aspect of his Twitter thread, but she did pretty much say everything else she could think of, including info about his hairline. She seems to imply it’s hair plugs and that Tyga got the same procedure. Tyga can’t be enjoying his timeline right now.

People are more focused on the hair plugs thing than the stabbing thing, which Charlemagne the God asking how much it cost:

Safaree was not chill about it all for long and is back to subtweeting Minaj again. He wants her to be “zen.”

Nicki Minaj is tweeting more, too, but mostly about her new album. She says she’s in a :great mood.”

But when she says “you should be too” she’s probably not talking to her ex.