Nike Is Releasing ‘Fanny Pack Sandals’ And People Are Actually Into Them

Big name companies love to think “outside the box” when it comes to their products in order to go viral nowadays.

Sometimes, I truly believe, companies try to make products that look absolutely ridiculous because there’s no such thing as bad publicity–it’s like a free ad campaign. Just ask Balengiaca and their T-shirt Shirt. Recently, Nike introduced their latest summer wear–Fanny  Pack Sandals, and, I feel like I’m back in the late ’80s, but worse.

The sandal collection includes the classic Nike sandal base with a fanny pack strap–no I’m not kidding. They come in three colors, too–classic black, or some bright ’80s colors.


While they seem rather “mom-ish,” a lot of people online are really down with the whole “carry my money in my shoes” look.


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