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19 Parents Explain Why They Keep Their Kids On Leashes

Have you ever been out in public and seen a parent pulling their kid around on one of those child leashes? I think people prefer to call them ‘child tethers’ or ‘reigns’ but let’s be real, it’s a damn leash.

As someone who doesn’t have kids, it’s easy to sit there and laugh or pass judgment on these parents for harnessing their child up like a dog, but, until we’ve had multiple toddlers to keep in line we should probably keep our mouths shut.

After reading these confessions from pro-leash parents, you’ll never judge the idea again.

1. These parents keep their kids on a leash, and for good reason.

2. Kids are troublemakers.

3. They cannot be trusted in public places.

4. Everyone has their reasons.

5. To each his own.

6. Scary things happen when kids aren’t being watched.

7. Safety first!

8. It helps them get out energy.

9. Their brains aren’t fully developed.

10. It’s not a big deal!