30+ People Confess The Most Traumatizing Thing To Ever Happen To Them At The Beach

Going to the beach is almost everyone’s favorite activity in the summertime.
While going to the beach can be relaxing, enjoyable, and pretty fun, it can also be traumatizing when things go south. Think about all the wild ish that can happen to you while you’re sunbathing–like a seagull totally crapping on your face. Or, how embarrassing would it be to lose your top in the ocean? Horrifying, right? BuzzFeed asked their users to share some of the most embarrassing moments they’ve ever encountered while at the beach, and seriously, I’m cringing for them.


I was like 16 when I went body-boarding in strong waves and clearly thought I was “too cool” for a wetsuit. After one huge, unexpected wave bowled me over, I found my footing and this young guy is just BEAMING at me – it took me a good few seconds too long to realise both my boobs had completely fallen out of my bikini and I was flashing the entire beach! Super embarrassing.



when i was 14 i went to Pensacola Beach to watch the Blue Angels perform and after they had performed I had just laid out in the sun to to tan so when I got back to school I would have a nice tan but this older person decided to spilled beer on me



I  was running through the sea trying to be sexy af for the guy I was with and had met that night, I was super pissed and it was the early hours of the morning when I got stung by a jellyfish… I then tried to get him to wee on me to stop the sting but he wasn’t having any of it… awkward.



Once when I was 13 I was sitting in the shallow with some easy waves when out of nowhere a strong wave knocked me down, rolled me around, and pulled my swimmer bottoms down with it. Wish I knew that before standing straight up out of the water in front of three guys. I was mortified while they were highly amused! Scurried back to my parents and refused to go back into the water that day.



Once I went to a nudist beach and I got really turned on by this guy, so bad I got a super erection, I had a towel and shoved it one my now pre-ejaculating, throbbing c*ck, it eventually cooled down, but I decided to take a nap later and, I guess he just stuck in my head and I had a wet-dream… just cum dripping on my sticky cock when I woke-up, I can’t imagine how people reacted while it was happening



A dog peed on me once. I was just making a sandcastle and all of a sudden there was this dog leg near my head and something hitting my back. All over my favourite pink jumper and the owners just laughed and walked away.



Well this happened to my Mom and it’s one of my Dad’s favorite stories to tell. They were at Ocean City and it was when the front clip bathing suits were popular….My mom went to go cool off in the water and came walking back up to my Dad on the beach. As soon as she got close enough he said, “Umm Mary…(gesturing down)”. He let her walk all the way up the beach with her top just fully unbuttoned!! Apparently she wasn’t embarrassed at all and still to this day says “Hey I looked really hot back then, I’m glad I got to show it off!!”



When I was 14 I was on a beach in California and I’d unfortunately gotten my period that morning, I was using a tampon for the first time and had not fully inserted it (I just thought the discomfort was something you just had to deal with!). Anyway, my sister and I were in the sea for a bit and when we came out we played on the sand for a while, when I stood up she started screaming that a jellyfish was attached to me. Upon seeing the blood dripping down my legs and the tampon (which as it was wet did look rather like a jellyfish) hanging out of my bikini bottoms I joined her in her hysteria. Everyone on the beach was staring at us and it wasn’t until my Mum came over and told me that it was just my tampon that I calmed down, I still had to do a walk of shame up the beach to get a new tampon and to clean myself up which was possibly the most mortifying part.



I was just chilling on the sand, watching my family play in the water when I got the urge to go to the bathroom. It was a very strong urge and it wasn’t just number 1. I told my parents and I basically ran to the restroom. However when I got there I couldn’t find the women’s room. At this point, I felt like I was gonna explode, so I was really hesitant but I went into the men’s room and went in the stall. Luckily when I went in there was no one there but when I was done, there were so many guys in there. My grandma had to yell into the men’s room and that’s when the guys left cause they heard me in there. I successfully made it out with tons of people staring at me. I found out that if I had looked a little harder, I would have found that the women’s was right around the corner. I could have died right there!



Not that many years ago a girlfriend and I were vacationing at Myrtle Beach. We decided to be healthy and go for a run one morning, and there was a stream going from some pipe into the ocean, which caused a small trench of water, maybe a foot deep in the sand. I thought I’d be cool and run and jump over the stream, but didn’t quite make it over, and next thing i knew I had face planted in the sand. I tried to play it cool, but my dignity was definitely hurting a bit. And yes, multiple people saw it happen?



I was down the shore with my family and wearing my favorite 1950’s style bikini. My cousin had recently started dating someone, so he visited one day to meet everyone. I got in the ocean with my cousin and her boyfriend and the waves were so bad that my top slid down multiple times, leaving my nipples out in the open to be seen by this guy I had literally just met.


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