These People Encountered Celebrities in Bizarrely Normal Places


When I was 4 or 5, my family and I were coming back from a vacation, and my dad and I had the aisle and middle seats, respectively, in one of those areas with three seats. We stayed on the plane during a layover, and dad took a nap. He woke up to hear me talking, at first didn’t think anything of it because I had a lot of “imaginary friends” at the time. He looked over and I was sitting on the lap of our seat-mate who had the window seat now, who had gotten on during the layover, talking to him and pointing out the window. Dad had to do a double take to make sure he wasn’t still asleep and dreaming, because it was Jerry Garcia, his favourite musician then (and still is). All I really remember is he looked like Santa and was hella nice.


When I was a kid I saw Robin Williams in an elevator in San Francisco. I knew who he was from Mrs Doubtfire and Aladdin and stuff. Loudly I said to my mom,” that’s Robin Williams” My mom was mortified and said, “he lives here don’t stare.” And I said ”In the elevator?” I was dead serious and confused. Robin Williams laughed then I laughed he stuck his tongue out at me and smiled. He got out of the elevator. I’ll never forget that.


This was around 2005/2006, when I was working in a sandwich place in college. Anyway, somebody had left a copy of The Davinci Code on a table and we kept it on the back counter in case they came back for it. This was right when It was becoming huge, well before the movie. This one guy had been in a couple times that week. So he comes up to order and sees the book and points saying “Hey, that’s my book.” I, being very helpful and good replied “Oh, would you like it back?” He just smiled and said no thanks and left with his food. I just thought he was a big ole weirdo. Didn’t see him again. Quite literally a week later I happened to open my roommate’s copy of the book and saw the author photo. Could make a nice little TIFU: I accidentally trying to give a famous author’s book right back to him.


Fred Armisen glared at me for blocking his way on the sidewalk near a bar while he was riding an adult-sized trike into a Portlandia set.

Written by Alex Cogen

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