People That Knew Celebs Before They Got Famous Confess How They Changed With Fame

Image via Tenor
Image via Tenor

Unless they were born in the spotlight, most celebs had to work their way up. So often they had normal upbringings, and mingled with us normal folks. Sure, maybe some of them always sucked, but a bunch of them started out as wholesome kids with a dream of making it big.

And then they did, and some of them changed. Yeah, a couple stayed sweet and down to earth. But then there were the others. You know the ones. The ones that let the fame go to their head, and they turned into conceited, uppity, too-good a** holes.

But for the most part, a lot of us don’t know celebrities, and if we do, it was probably after they became famous. Ever wonder which celebrities have had drastic personality changes after they became famous? Well these people will tell you. They knew celebrities before the fame, and they can tell you if they’ve stayed the same, or become major pieces of sh*t.

These people knew celebs before they were famous & confess how they’ve changed:


One if my friends once was bffs with Kylie Jenner, in high school, but after Kylie’s popularity exploded, she basically alienated all of her old friends, and started acting like a dick to all of them.


Played in a band here in Columbus Ohio, played many shows with Twenty One Pilots when they were complete nobodies. Used to text em and we’d hang out and literally over a weekend they blew up. Texted Tyler a couple days later like “holy cow man what happened!” Never heard from either of them again.


My sister went to highschool with taylor swift. Despite her selling point as the humble meek country girl, she was known as the bratty stuck up rich girl around school. Everyone thought of her as just flat out a mean rude person.


I grew up in Peckham with Anton and Rio Ferdinand (two UK football players) and used to play football after school with Anton regularly. He was so much better than the rest of us it wasn’t even funny, both of them have remained very humble and I’m proud of both of them for making it to the heights they did.

Written by Alex Cogen

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