These People Made Expensive Mistakes That They’ll Regret Forever

Image via Tumblr
Image via Tumblr

We are all human, so we make mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes are minor, and sometimes they are HUGE. Like, life changing errors.

Some of the worst mistakes? The ones that cost you a lot of dough, especially for those of us that are on a budget. So what are some major errors that cost loads of money? Stuff like crashing cars, falling prey to schemes, and being dumb and not taking care of your precious self.

Want to avoid making those kid of mistakes? Take a cue from the following people. They made mistakes that cost them a sh*t ton of money, and they really REALLY regret it. So read their tales and try not to fall prey to their mistakes. One man’s life-altering mistake can be turned into a valuable cautionary tale, so don’t forget it!

These people admit to the most expensive mistakes they’ve ever made:


Not wearing my retainer after getting braces removed… Wear your retainers, people.


Not me, but a friend trained to be a fireman and the first month on the job crashed one of the fire trucks. Crashed as in wrecked. He’s no longer a fireman.


When I was welding 1) screwed up a $65,000 door. 2) may or may not have blown a hole in a $1,000,000 + missile launching platform.


Had a part time job as a teenager at a Yamaha dealership that sold dirt bikes, atv’s, motorcycles. I was told one day to deliver a Raptor to some address. Well, I loaded the atv up on the trailer and took off in the truck down the road. I noticed that the truck was low on gas so I pulled over and filled her up.. I made it about 1.5 miles down the road and the truck started running funny and eventually cut off.. I had put gasoline in a diesel truck.. I was fired about 4 days later.

Written by Alex Cogen

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