This is Why People Stop Sex Halfway Through

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Image via Giphy

Stopping in the middle of great sex is the absolute worst thing. You’re doing your thang, feeling all the great feels, and suddenly BAM. Sh*t goes down, and you have to stop in the middle of everything. It’s a major bummer.

But sometimes the reasons you or your partner need to stop is totally justifiable. What if mom leaves a message on the home answering machine? Or if someone farts while you’re humping? Or how about if someone suffers a sexual injury? Yeah, see. There are a lot of reasons that are understandable.

But if homie stops because he realizes the game is starting, or if bb gurl realizes her favorite show finale is about to start, then that sh*t is not cool. We have Tevo for a reason.

So if you’ve had a hilarious or horrifying instance of stopping mid-sex, please let us know. We love hearing other people’s stories because it makes us feel like we’re not so alone. And, tbh, sometimes it makes us feel better about our own sh*tty situations.

These are solid reasons to stop sex halfway through:


She didn’t tell me she sometimes passes out from sex. I was terrified, I thought she died. She came back after a few seconds and said that, next time, just keep going. The mood had passed for that time, though.


I had my elbows locked for too long, my arms gave out, and I accidentally headbutt her in the lip when I crashed down on top of her. 16 hours later it was funny.


Heard stifled, horrified snorts on the other side of the room; roommate had been sleeping under the covers and we hadn’t noticed.


She farted on my balls and we lost concentration.

Written by Alex Cogen

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