People Weigh In On Whether It’s Okay to Bang Your Roommate

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Image via Giphy

Roommate sex.. should ya do it, or not? People seem pretty split on this topic, and most have crazy strong opinions about it.

The arguments for are usually: whatever just Nike do it and be prepared for the consequences. Maybe you’ll fall in love and get married and live happily ever after. I may be biased when I say THAT’S DUMB. It’s just unrealistic. Don’t you want to get to know someone on your own time, and not have to see them on the reg? How is that a healthy setting for the start of a relationship.

So, yeah, I’m clearly against banging a roommate. There are so many freaking people out there in the world to bang, why not pick one that doesn’t live under the same roof as you? Sure it’s easy access, but then again, we have Tinder and vibrators, what more do you need?

But, once again, mixed opinions on this heated topic. So what side of the spectrum do you stand on? Let us know in the comments, and keep reading to see some pretty strong arguments both for and against roommie bang sessions.

These people weigh in on whether or not it’s okay to have sex with your roommate:


Bang her once, then say it was a mistake and don’t do it again leading to a strange sexually tense relationship. What could go wrong?


Don’t. Just don’t. Odds are the two of you will not live happily ever after and someone will get hurt. Not because of the situation, just because most don’t. Imagine your most brutal breakup: The hurt, the anger, drunk texts, quasi-stalking, bad idea sex, one of you moving on before the other is ready…. Now imagine that in the next room. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Now add bills, dishes and other typical roommate bullshit. One of you will move out, sticking the other with all the bills that if they could’ve afforded alone they wouldn’t have needed a roommate in the first place. This hell is the most likely way it will play out and that’s a risk not worth taking in my opinion.


Risky.. but worth the risk. At least if no one expects anything other than a fun hook up.

Written by Alex Cogen

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