These Pets Being Lazy are Way too Relatable

Image via Giphy
Image via Giphy

Pets are the greatest gift to planet earth. They love you unconditionally, and are the cutest and most precious fur babies.

Although we love them, sometimes they’re hard to relate to. They enjoy sniffing butts and licking themselves. Like, only some of us like that. And they’re always excited to see people they know. Like, sorry sometimes I just am not that excited. Usually I’m more excited to see my bed.

But you know the biggest thing we have in common with our pets? Our energy levels. They can go from high energy and super stoked on life, to being lazy and sleepy AF. From jumping when you walk in the door, to passing out in their food bowl, our pets can be really relatable.

So if you want to look at some pets that are embracing that lazy life, look no further. These images show pets at their laziness and most relatable moments in life. From not wanting to move to passing out in the weirdest places, all I have to say is.. I FEEL YOU FUR BABIES.

These lazy pets are hella relatable:







Written by Alex Cogen

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