PetSmart Actually Banned This Dog From An Event Because They Think ‘Pit Bulls Are Bully Breeds’

When it comes to dog breeds, pit bulls tend to get a bad reputation. Due to their size and the stereotype that they can be “aggressive,” many people stay clear of pits. In all reality, it has nothing to do with pit bulls as a breed, and more about who raises them and how they are raised.

As a proud owner of a pit bull mix, I can tell you that my dog is the sweetest, most gentle and loving pup there is–because we make sure she is raised to be that way. And, dog owners know that pit bulls get a bad reputation because they are, sometimes, used as fighting dogs–against their will. Not all pit bulls are aggressive–in fact, most aren’t.

That’s why people are outraged at PetSmart when they apparently would not allow a pit bull into a “dog party” they were throwing because they believe that pit bulls are a “bully breed.” Any dog can be a “bully” if they are raised wrong. Obviously, if you’re a good dog mom/dad and raise your dog right–they aren’t going to “bully” anyone–even a pit bull.

Ashley Yanez is the dog mom who shared the story on her Twitter account–angry that she had taken her dog all the way there for the event and was turned away. Her dog, Blu, was all set to party–but wasn’t allowed in. She posted photos of her dog and the flyer for the party saying:

Blu was so ready for the party and she wasn’t allowed bc she’s a pitbull f**k petsmart


PetSmart issued a statement to Ashley saying that all breeds (including pit bulls) are invited to their events and apologized for the confusion.

However, one Twitter user called PetSmart out saying on their website, they have a statement banning “bully breeds” from events with other dogs.

The company responded saying:

Essentially, they’re not allowed in any day camp activities with other dogs–out of fear they may bully or hurt another dog. This, of course, is ridiculous and unfair to pit bulls and their owners. While pit bulls are a bigger dog, this does not essentially mean they are all aggressive and “bullies.” Again, it’s all about how a dog is raised by its owners.

Petco decided to chime in on the subject while, you know, it being so popular online–and, issued a pretty bold statement.

Clearly, everyone knows where they should be going for their pets needs.  And, that’s exactly where Blu and Ashley went.