Pimple Cupcakes Are A Real Thing, And It’s Horrifying

Image via Giphy
Image via Giphy

When you think of cupcakes, your reaction should be pure lust and excitement. Who doesn’t like cupcakes? Monsters, that’s who. All cupcakes are beyond delicious, and I would love to scarf one down this very minute. Can you go wrong with any type of cupcake?

Well, turns out you can. You see I’m all about cupcake innovation (Liz lemons cupcake sandwich is the work of a mad genius) but sometimes people take things a little too far.

Thus, the pimple cupcake was born. It is the work of a disgusting mad man, and I just don’t understand. Sure, I like popping pimples, but what kind of sicko would want to put something that looks like a pimple in their mouth?

So to fully comprehend the disgustingness that is the pimple cupcake, I will go in depth at it’s atrociousness, and the pure disdain I feel for the person that concocted this black cloud in the world of pastries.

Keep going forward if you wish to understand the horror that is the pimple cupcake:

Firstly, let’s just look at this disgusting thing:

It’s not enough that it’s a pimple, but they had to make it a whitehead full of puss. To that, all I have to say is:

But it’s more than just gross looking…


Written by Alex Cogen

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