A Woman Used Facebook To Find A Boyfriend And Accidentally Went Viral

Rachel Salisbury did something most single people have considered: she turned to Facebook with a plea for a boyfriend. If our friends can’t help us, who can? They know us best, because they’ve probably seen who we’ve dated before, have some idea of who would fit into our lives, and they’ve got our backs. Before apps, friends were the original matchmakers. After the wise old village crone, I mean. Since we now mostly connect with our friends on Facebook, Salisbury was on to something.

One aspect of asking your friends for help finding a boyfriend on Facebook that’s a little different from when we used to just ask them to their face is the opportunity to go viral. Salisbury set her plea to public, so it started getting shared. A lot. Salisbury wrote an essay about the experience for and says she woke up the next morning to a “flurry of notifications,” and saw her post looking for a guy had been covered on the news.

Salisbury wrote that this was the “scariest post” she’d ever shared, but offered a very lovely rundown of what she had to offer to a boyfriend:

I am an actor and a writer and i work on a box office and I run kid’s parties (phew!) I love theatre and films and music and books. I love singing and dancing (but not in a musical theatre way) and spending time with friends and my family and laughing and having interesting chats. I flatter myself I’m quite funny (RIGHT GUYS?), I try very hard to be a good person and am in general day to day in a pretty sunny mood. I’m a vegan and a socialist and a feminist and am very passionate about the above. I also lovesss to cook and bake and I love being in nature!

Wow. She really sounds like a catch! A bunch of folks must have thought so, because Salisbury got hundreds of message, some of which were from across the world. Some were directly from men interested in taking her out, other were from women who had a guy in mind and tried to hook it up.

“I was incredibly flattered and honored by anyone who took the time and effort to message me, but particularly for all of the cupids who helped me out by introducing me to someone. They had nothing to gain from doing that apart from the possibility of seeing their friend happy,” she wrote.

Salisbury has been a bit coy about whether or not she actually met someone, probably because she’s poured the experience into a one woman play called “To the Moon… and back… and back…” according to the BBC. But she does say that her new motto is “fortune favors the brave.” Good advice for anybody out there looking for love.