Rihanna Arguing With Her Billionaire Boyfriend While Smoking A Blunt Is The Biggest Summer Mood

Rihanna is a savage. We know this, because she told us. So when, in a gorgeous display of Big Dick Energy, she broke up with Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel because she gets “tired of men,” we weren’t really all that surprised.

And yet, recently surfaced pictures of the two vacationing together hint at the fact that maybe they aren’t as broken-up as we may have previously thought. Or maybe they were broken up, got back together, and broke up again just as the following photos were being taken?

The pair — seen sitting on a tropical patio together in front of a massive grill — appear to be arguing. More precisely, Rihanna appears to be going in on Jameel. What could he have done to incur the wrath of the Baddest Gal?

In the first of the photos — shared by The Shade Room — RiRi stringently points her finger at her (ex?)-beau, a blunt betwixt the fingers of her other hand.

In the next, Jameel clutches his chest in defense, a move most of us will recognize as that of a guilty man claiming innocence while simultaneously playing dumb.

And in the final photo, Rihanna is skeptical. She ain’t buyin’ it. She’s over it. Boy, bye.

The photos immediately made their way to Twitter, where fans meme’d the interaction while debating the source of the couples’ argument. Could it be about Drake?

Might it be over the veritable desert of summer RiRi tunes?

The Internet took Rihanna’s side, paying no mind to the question of whether she was in the wrong or not (she wasn’t.)

Of course, it’s doubtful we’ll ever know what they were arguing about. Maybe it has to do with whether or not Beyonce is actually pregnant with baby #4. Maybe Jameel asked for a hit of that high grade, and RiRi didn’t feel like sharing. Maybe their fight was over something totally stupid — not uncommon for people who spend a lot of time together.

Whatever the case, it A) isn’t really any of our business and also B) may we all be so lucky as to one day point our fingers at beautiful billionaires.

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