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These Rude Comments From Customers Will Leave You Shocked

Working in customer service has plenty of challenges. People often forget that their baristas, cashiers, and waiters are human too. What all customer service employees know to be true is that there are some days you may go home crying because of the rude customers that you encounter.

These confessions are just a small slice of the awful things people have been told while on the job. Please let these stories remind you to be kind to the person helping you out. We are all humans, after all!

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1. NOPE. Not okay.

2. The rudeness!

3. Stay in your lane, dude!

4. Some people are SO cruel.

5. What a fool.

6. People really need to chill.

7. So uncalled for.

8. You just can’t say stuff like that.

9. WTF!?????

10. The rules are the rules!