Ryan Reynolds Has Amazing Responses for These Vulgar Tweets

Image via Giphy
Image via Giphy

When it comes to Ryan Reynolds, it’s hard to talk to him like a normal person, because he’s not a normal person. He is more like a studly Greek God. So it’s no surprise that when some people talk to him, they resort to world vomit, and being thirsty and horny AF.

Many celebrities choose to ignore the outpouring of lust sent in their direction, but not Ryan. Oh no, not Ryan. You see, instead of ignoring these horny mofos, he answers their tweets in the most hilarious ways. Sure, he never says yes to their requests, and always makes excuses, but he’s beyond hilarious, and handles it perfectly.

So do you want to see the greatest responses to thirsty tweets of all time? Of course you do! So keep reading to see Ryan’s best tweet responses, and just be prepared to love him way more than you already do. And if you feel the need to send him a thirsty tweet after reading, we don’t blame you.

Keep reading to see Ryan’s epic responses to his fan’s thirsty AF tweets:

Sometimes he plays the hero:

Written by Alex Cogen

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