15+ Absolute Savages Who Refuse To Be A Part Of Civilization

Some people are simply not meant for this world. People who — despite having a perfectly normal upbringing — or at least one that did not include being raised by wolves, in a cave — simply refuse to play by the rules.

Normally, I’d say this is fine. Do you. Live your truth. But these circumstances are not normal. The proof is in the proverbial pudding, which in this instance is the following series of photos. These barbarians punish those they live with by living life as they see fit, and you know what? This is one instance in which “living your truth” is absolutely discouraged and tbh should be severely punished.

19. Did this dad just USE HIS TEETH to open this cereal box?

18. Whoever thought THIS WAS OK IN ANY WAY can just go live on their own in the woods somewhere, far, far away:

17. What hell hath man wrought upon these donuts?

16. If you ever catch someone eating pizza crust-first, slap that glorious slice out of their hand:


14. Was this heathen raised in a barn?

13. This wife, who opens all packaging with unbridled and vicious savagery, needs to be imprisoned:

12. Whomst eats their cake in rectangle shapes? Identify yourself so we can shun you.

11. Oh sure, just ignore the multiple warnings on this poor box of Chips Deluxe!!! RUDE!


9. Whoever is responsible for this deserves all the worst things this world has to offer: