These Seniors Totally Nailed Every Pop Culture Character Costume For Their I.D. Photos

Senior year can be a stressful time, what with all the applying to colleges and figuring out your whole future stuff. On the other hand, things relax a little bit in some ways; your teachers know you’re on your way out, you’ve paid your dues, and high school is basically old news. There’s a reason “senioritis” exists. You’re no longer a freshman, and that’s something to celebrate with pranks, promposals, and goofing off at every opportunity.

North Farmington High School in Michigan has some of this fun senior stuff built into its school traditions. Every year, seniors are not only permitted, but encouraged to dress up at pop culture characters for their I.D. photos. By now, they’re known around the school, so why not pretend to be somebody else? The class of 2019 is really showing up for this fun tradition. The pics have gone viral as students share their choices, which they will have to live with for the rest of the year.

Elle Woods:

Michelle Tanner:

The Office was super popular:

Flo From Progressive:

Ms. Frizzle:

Mia Thermopolis:

Princess Leia (of course):


Brick Tamland:

Colonel Sanders:


Meg Griffen:



Ronda Rousey:

Holly Golightly:

Bob Ross:

Some pics that are more memes than characters:

These kids better be careful. It’s just the beginning of the year and they set the bar for ridiculous fun impossibly high. It’s also a bit shocking how old many of these references are. When Legally Blonde came out, some of them probably weren’t even born! Get some new pop culture icons and stop stealing from us old cranks.