Sexist Restaurant Owner Tells Woman To ‘Keep Her Legs Open’ After Firing Her

Evelyn Marie Reid had been employed by Terry’s Turf Club in Cincinnati, OH since January. But according to Reid, she was unceremoniously fired during the middle of a double shift by the restaurant’s owner, Terry. And that wasn’t the worst of it.
Reid wrote a Facebook post explaining what happened next. Apparently, after firing her, he told her, “you’ll be fine, just keep your legs open.” He also told her that he was going to “miss that a**” as he was following her on the stairs. 

She recorded him for a while, as she asked him what she had done wrong to make him fire her. He wouldn’t give her a straight answer. He told her to call his lawyer but then pretended to forget his lawyer’s name. He also told her again to “keep [her] legs open,” and then immediately said he didn’t say that, even though it was caught on film. What is wrong with this man? His actions are outrageous!

Her full post reads:

On Tuesday evening I was contacted to work a double shift at Terry’s Turf Club where I have been happily employed since January. Halfway through my shift, Terry came up to me and fired me, without warning and said to me “you’ll be fine, just keep your legs open”. I walked to gather my belonging up a flight of stairs, Terry followed me. He said, “I’ll miss that a**” as he was behind me on the stairs. At that point I got my phone out and started recording him because I was extremely uncomfortable. The video I took was over 3 minutes long where I was asking for some sort of explanation as to why I was fired. Terry refused to give me any explanation other than “it’s just not working out”. He then, again, told me “i don’t have to explain anything to you, keep your legs open” with a smile on his face.
Please do not give your business to Terry’s Turf Club on Eastern Avenue in Cincinnati, OH. please share this so that people know the type of person the owner is.

In her post, Reid wrote that she hoped people would share the information, and stop patronizing Terry’s Turf Club because of the owner’s behavior. Hopefully, it works, because this man seems atrocious. It’s too bad Reid got fired, especially with no explanation whatsoever, but ideally her next job will have a much better boss, as in one who doesn’t sexually harass her and act like a lunatic.

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