20 Anonymous People Talk About How They First Discovered Their Sexual Fetish

Life is long and the act of sex is a fun but fairly simple one. (Spoiler alert: penis goes into vagina; repeat as necessary.) That means there’s plenty of room for experimentation and variation. Result: Everybody’s got their something, their one extra little treat they like to do or have done to them in the bedroom. These are sometimes called fetishes, and there are literally millions of them. Some people got on Reddit to bravely and semi-anonymously tell the world what they’re into, and how exactly they figured out that that’s what they were into.

1. DunderMifflinPenPal was once bitten, not shy.

I love being bitten. No, it isn’t a vampire thing. He just did it in the heat of the moment and ever since it happened, I have been absolutely crazy about it! I’d take my bra off and see/feel bruised teeth marks for days afterwards. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving; a reminder of the throes of passion.  

2. bi-pornaccount knows under-wear it’s at.

Girlfriend at the time left for an early meeting one morning. I didn’t get back to sleep, so I bummed around, eventually I tried on her panties… and there was only one way to get my boner down from that point.Now girlfriend-less, I still love wearing panties and have some other lingerie too.

3. Correct_MyEnglishPls is toeing the line.

Getting a footjob. I assume it’s because the very first time a girl touched my penis was actually with her feet.

4. CDNblondie wants to milk it for all its worth.

The thought of my SO sucking milk out of my breasts. I know how fucked it sounds since it’s a mother/child thing but for some reason it really turns me on. (I am not lactating btw, never have) When he sucks my nipples during sexy time my eyes get all criss cross feeling and my whole body just gets super horny. The thought of milk coming out and him drinking it makes it even hotter.

5. iaccidentallyawesome wants the fish and the chips, if you know what we mean.

Englishmen. I found out when I visited London and lived in a constant state of arousal.

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