20 Anonymous People Talk About How They First Discovered Their Sexual Fetish

6. Elacular will leave you gasping for breath.

Hmmmm…I don’t remember the first time I found out I was into it, mainly because I’m pretty sure I was born with mine. I get super turned on by hiccups. To the point where it’s a fetish as defined by somewhat dubious science (meaning, it’s something I just can’t cum without it being involved somehow). Everything about them just drives me crazy. The embarrassed little giggle after loud ones, the way the neck caves in, seeing the chest jerk and their whole body lift up if they’re upright, or seeing them rock back with the force…And oh lord, bellies! Bellies with hiccups are just…nnngh. The way a person’s belly moves when they hiccup, especially if the hiccups are really strong and they’re laying down. Just seeing the way it bounces, or seeing the motion roll through their whole torso…or if they’re strong enough, seeing them lift their whole body off wherever they’re lying…oooohhhhhhlord. My biggest fantasy is to straddle someone’s belly while they’re hiccuping, maybe with a dildo in one or both holes, and just press my clit to their stomach and fffffeeel it.What took me longer wasn’t to realize that I had a thing for hiccups, but to figure out what the hell that “thing” was. I grew up in a conservative catholic household where I didn’t know what a dick was until I was 14. So it took me an embarrassingly long time to understand why I didn’t want anyone to know what I was googling.

7. Congrats to snooper_sand_legend, who is going to be a daddy!

Just the other day, actually. Girlfriend was over and we were messing around, trying to creep each other out by being generally weird and gross, the usual. She decided to whisper “fuck me daddy” in a slightly higher pitch than her normal voice in my ear to really creep me out.Nope, instant hard-on.One intense pounding later and we’ve both accepted that daddy/daughter is going to be a regular thing with us and that we are probably human trash and we’re both more than okay with that.

8. monksarehunks is here to help spread the magic of reading.

Reading as a kid. I didn’t really know what I was doing, but I felt weird and excited when I read certain genres of stories. Ended up narrowing it down to nonconsent/reluctance (like being blackmailed into having sex). Also didn’t know girls even could masturbate so I just scooted back and forth in my chair a lot, lol.

9. Sex is the pits for snarky_cat.

My then gf was riding me while her hands are up holding her hair up.. That’s when I found out that I love armpits.. Those damn sexy sweaty hairless armpits.

10. coquio would like you to throw your legs in the air. Like you just don’t care.

Legs in the air. It’s my thing. I told my girlfriend and she got me a giant mirror that now sits on top on my dresser so now I can always look at her legs as they dangle while I fuck her. I know this is relatively mild, but on the other hand, my girlfriend likes to be tied up, so I tie her up.

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