Shocking Celebrity Open Secrets That Everyone Should Know


Ronan Farrow is Frank Sinatra’s love child with Mia Farrow.


Martha Stewart knows how to party. Not in the sense of planning and prepping but it’s known when she’s off camera or not promoting something she really kicks back some cocktails and tells some dirty jokes.


Terry Richardson is a f*cking creepy and should be on a sex offenders list at minimum. I’ve heard stories of him in the fashion industry since I can remember, but no one does anything because he’s “cool” and he takes “cool pictures” and well I dunno why the f*ck else. I think he’s vile. I’m sure he’ll be inevitable on the Weinstein/Spacey list. He’s just not as famous as them, so there won’t be mass uproar, but the complaints are there already.


Most of their relationships are fake to promote an album, book, movie, etc.

Written by Alex Cogen

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