25 Signs You Could Seriously Use Some Dick In Your Life

14. You feel the urge to suck long and hard on some ice.

13. You can’t help but miss blowing bubbles.

12. You’re ready to call your grandma and ask her for some crocheting lessons.

11. You’re suddenly interested in what comes out of the weather man’s mouth.

10. You realize looking up at a guy isn’t such a bad thing after all.

9. You wish fireworks were exploding every single night.

8. You can’t help but think that this carrot needs to be dipped in some creamy, white Ranch dressing.

7. You have a sudden urge to squeeze the sweet juice out of every fruit you see.

6. You’re real hungry for something special when you look at this sign.

5. You try to eat this corn dog without using any teeth.

4. You take an extra long time sorting all of the socks in the laundry.

3. You can’t help but notice that cloth is well hung.

2. You think the sink ain’t the only thing getting wet from this faucet.

1. You have a craving for just the tip.

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